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Dominique Costa : Interview of 10th November:English


1:I hear Paris is the place to see art.I think that's a good idea for your new cake.It sounds delicious!This new cake seems to be a work of art.Where did you get that fantastic idea?
Dominique Costa :
Paris, from which many French and Parisian Pastry Chefs draw a lot of inspiration, is an unavoidable place for fashion.We often put our work on the same level as fashion.Inès de la Fressange and I both came up with this same idea while we were talking about fashion creations and a handbag she created.I told her that I thought she perfectly embodied French Glamour.It was obvious that we had to create together a heart-shaped cake with a creation of Inès de la Fressange’s handbag.

2:What's it like collaborating with Inès de la Fressange?
Dominique Costa :
Inès de la Fressange was determined to create a dessert for the Café de la Paix, for everybody’s pleasure around the table.

3:She is a popular fashion designer.What is she like?
Dominique Costa :
Inès de la Fressange is a great fashion creator, an icon, and she is really happy when it comes to creating a dessert, making taste, colour and texture associations. I took a lot of pleasure in this collaboration.

4:How do you feel about starting your new cake's project?
Dominique Costa :
I immediately felt that the project would be ambitious, because the handbags are created one by one without any cake mould.They are the result of a huge work, with only chocolate and a man passionate about his work.

5: What is the theme of this new cake?What's love?
Dominique Costa :
The theme is the mix between the French Glamour (represented by Inès de la Fressange), the work on fashion and the passion of the Pastry Chef about his job.

6: Why did you make this new cake?
Dominique Costa :
I love creating new desserts, this is a real challenge for me and my team. Furthermore, a creation that enables to combine a fashion designer’s work and the “pâtisserie” world gives us another view of how each one works.

7:What does your new cake mean?
Dominique Costa :
This cake means “Paris and the Glamour à la française”, the work of two different professions for a beautiful result.

8:What was the most challenging part of making this new cake?What was it that you learned with this one?
Dominique Costa :
The delicate materials of the cake, the fragile handbag and the breakable meringue made this work complicated.

9: What is the most precious thing in your life?
Dominique Costa :
In life, the most important things for me are my wife, my two children, our know-how and the pleasure of savouring our new creations with our guests. We also have to help people around us, give a hand or just smile, this is very important to me.

10:What's your memorable sweet of special day?
Dominique Costa :
I love making sweets named “Calisson” for Christmas, then our toffee white chocolate lemon with speculaas pieces.

11:Please give us the message for Japanese fans.
Dominique Costa :
I am very impressed by the Japanese culture:this wish to always learn from one another, to surpass oneself. I am lucky because I often have people from Asia in my team (particularly Japanese people), who give us the desire to go further.

(This email's interview is current as of October. 2013)
The Credit will read:Posted with permission from Dominique Costa Related website LINK:
Le cafe de la paix
Accueil: Place de l’Opéra 75009 Paris – France
Tél: +33 (0)1 40 07 31 72

At Cafe´ de la Paix, a “fashionista” cake by Ine`s de la Fressange;
Tradition at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel demands that every year, during Fashion Week, a designer should come up with a lucky-charm cake. This year, it was Ine`s de la Fressange’s turn to pick up her pencils and design a raspberry heart cake.Inspired by her sketch, our Head Pastry Chef Dominique Costa has produced a
cake that promises to make an inordinate number of fashion victims…Gently resting upon a soft almond cake, we have layers of cream of coconut, crunchy pralines and fresh raspberries making up a delicate structure, the whole topped with a coconut-scented, heart-shaped panna cotta.That fashion detail: a lovely chocolate handbag, appearing to be made of red velvet and containing a thick raspberry sauce, is served with the dessert.Beneath the sketch, Ine`s has written this pretty phrase,“A raspberry cake for Café de la Paix, the Peace Café destined to become the Love Café too!” To be enjoyed from September to year’s end.

A “fashionista” cake by Ine`s de la Fressange
Limited edition available to the end of this year, 2013
price: €18 each

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Translation and Questioner: Yukiko Yamaguchi
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Dominique Costa : Interview of 10th January 2012:English


1:There was a report on the TV that said that Paris is beautiful in the springtime.And we often see a photo of Paris's cherry blossoms in a magazine.THE SWEET FAN, we think the sweet's design of cherry blossom is beautiful. How was the idea for this patisserie born?

Dominique Costa :
The idea was to mix the beauty of Paris with M. Frankie Xie dessert.That's why we wanted the combine the elegance of the asian cherry blossoms with the parisian sunrise.

2:What's it like collaborating with Frankie Xie?

Dominique Costa :
M. Frankie Xie worked a lot on that dessert as it was his idea to develop a dessert with a shape of a fan to show his attachement to his country.He followed all the steps of the confection of this dessert. He really knows what he wants.

3:Where did the idea behind this sweet?

Dominique Costa :
It is the result of a deep collaboration between Frankie Xie and I. We thought about 3 prototypes and we both choose the fan.

4:When you make a patisserie, how much do you visualize?

Dominique Costa :
It usually takes me one week to visualize and that includes different tries, choosing flavours and deciding of the visual aspect.

5:Do you like Chinese tea?Why did you have a chice of Chinese tea, the osmanthus tea with the Long Jing green tea?

Dominique Costa :
I love chinese tea specially during winter. Using chinese tea for that Fashion Pastry was an evidence for us.Frankie Xie is very attached to his roots and values and it was his idea to mix Chinese tea and osmanthus tea.So, that gave me the opportunity to discover osmanthus tea that I didn't know before.

6:What was your biggest challenge in this sweet?

Dominique Costa :
The biggest challenge was the shape, the logo and the cherry branch.
It took us time to create the right mold.In all my pastries, I always want to create enthusiasm and impress the clients.

7:What can you tell us about you?Do you feel Asiatic culture had an influence on you?

Dominique Costa :
Of course, it’s interesting to learn about every culture and it’s important to respect their differences.I was really happy to work with Frankie Xie, it was very interesting working on the chinease culture.As an example, in France we are used to put sugar in the tea where as in China people drink the tea pure.I prefer the chinease way of drinking it in order to appreciate all the flavours.

8:Are you interested in Japanese traditional performing arts?

Dominique Costa :
I'm keen on discovering every country's art, I'm very curious. A friend of mine is working in Asia and we meet once per year to discuss about what she's discovering in Japan and China.

9:What beauty means for you?

Dominique Costa :Beauty is what's natural, easy, the kindness of the people.

10:When you were a child, what kinds of desserts did you like?

Dominique Costa :
I was found of the apple pie my mum used to cook each sunday afternoon.

11:What is the most favorite of all the sweets?

Dominique Costa :
I love chocolate/praline candies, and also the strawberry ones.

12:Where is your favorite France's landscape?

Dominique Costa :
I love the beauty of Paris, but I like to recharge on the "Cote d'Azur" enjoying the sea and the montains, I like the "Pays Basque" for its wildness and also the "Savoie" for its warmth and mountain.

13:What kinds of birds do you like?

Dominique Costa :
I like the Eagles for their wildness, the Parakeets for their color and beauty, the Inseparables for their affectionate side.

14:What is the philosophy behind your work?

Dominique Costa :
I'm never satisfied, I always want me and my team to improve.

15:What are you favorite perfumes?

Dominique Costa :
My favorite perfumes are red fruits, exotics, yuzu, pistachio, praline, vanilla, rose and macha.

16:Please any (brief) message for Japanese fans.

Dominique Costa :
I really admire japanese culture. I had the opportunity to train japanese people. I've always been impressed by their kidness, a true life lesson.I hope to visit Japan in 2012, I really would like to discover that country that is really fascinating me.

(This email's interview is current as of November. 2011)
The Credit will read:
Posted with permission from Dominique Costa(Café de la Paix/InterContinental Paris Le Grand)
Le cafe de la paix related website LINK:
Le cafe de la paix

Mr.Christophe RAOUX's Interview English
Christophe RAOUX氏インタビュー|日本語

Sweet Fan by Frankie Xie:
A delicate dark chocolate fan decorated with the branches of a blossoming cherry tree: such is Sweet Fan, the patisserie designed exclusively by Frankie Xie for Café de la Paix. For his first gourmet creation, China’s biggest designer has taken inspiration from this traditional Chinese accessory, which dates back to the second century. "The fan is an ancient object symbolising China’s long history and culture," explains the founder of the Jefen brand. "I thought it would be interesting to design an edible version marrying ingredients that are characteristic of our two nations and enhanced by French expertise in pastry making."The dark chocolate Sweet Fan, which sits on a crunchy shortbread biscuit, features a rich lemon Chiboust cream and candied grapefruit centre. Finished with a stylish red chocolate cord, it is served with osmanthus tea sprinkled with Long Jing green tea leaves.“Fashion and gastronomy are two arts that are synonymous with France and China,” says Frankie Xie. “Although Chinese food is known across the world, just like French cooking, our desserts are still undervalued. That’s why I was interested in accepting the challenge set by Café de la Paix to design a patisserie combining both our culinary traditions!"Sweet Fan by Frankie Xie, which is available exclusively at Café de la Paix from 16 January to 15 May 2012, is prepared by Christophe Raoux, Chef at Café de la Paix and InterContinental Paris Le Grand, and his pastry chef Dominique Costa.It is the fourth and final creation of the sixth season of the Patisseries Fashion collection from the famous restaurant on Place de l’Opéra: "Le BRIC, c’est chic!"Throughout the year, Café de la Paix has showcased the creative ferment of tomorrow’s superpowers by asking the biggest names in fashion from the much-talked-about BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to design a dessert. The collection has already brought Brazil’s Alexandre Herchcovitch, Russia’s Valentin Yudashkin and India’s Manish Arora to the kitchens of the legendary restaurant on Place de l’Opéra.
For six years, Café de la Paix has been the only restaurant in the world to feature designer patisseries permanently on the menu, each one for a limited four-month period. Paco Rabanne, Agnès b., Chantal Thomass, Elie Saab and Franck Sorbier are just some of the twenty designers who have already put their name to a dessert at the illustrious dining establishment.

Sweet Fan by Frankie Xie for Café de la Paix
Limited edition available from 16 January to 15 May 2012
(€16 each) at Café de la Paix (Place de l’Opéra, Paris IX)

Translation and Questioner: Yukiko Yamaguchi
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