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Tim Nordwind ( OK GO ): Interview of 20th February : English


1: What type of child were you of the childhood?Please describe yourself in short word.
Tim Nordwind:
I was an incredibly shy child growing up.Around ten years old I got very interested in the theater and finally broke out of my shell becoming more social. However, I think to this day I feel more comfortable playing characters than being myself.When I am just myself, I become quite shy again.

2 : We heard that your band name "OK GO" was named by an art teacher. Is this true?
Tim Nordwind:
Yes,the name comes from something our art teacher use to say to us.Damian and I met at art camp when I was eleven and he was twelve.We had an incredibly stoned art teacher who use to drop pearls of psychedelic wisdom on us.At the end of every mind bending lecture he would then say,"Ok go", as a way of sending, us, his captured young audience out into the weird wonderful world to create.

3:When you were a student, did you like art lesson/class at school?
Tim Nordwind:When I was were a student I enjoyed art, music, and theater classes.

4 : How are you involved with your music video planning, production and filming ?
Tim Nordwind:
We are very involved and hands on with our video production. We take video making just as seriously as the music. Making videos is part of what OKGO does. It's as much an art form as the music, and we really enjoy making them.

5:Was there any particular episode, memory that you experienced during filming of your music videos?
Tim Nordwind:
We just made a new video for the album version of the song This Too Shall Pass.We built a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine in a three story warehouse with a group of scientists from a collective in LA called SynnLabs. It was incredible to work with such a smart group of people on such a large scale. The machine turned out beautifully and the video looks amazing.

6: How did you feel when you played in Japan?
Tim Nordwind:
Playing in Japan is wonderful.We always look forward to coming over.As a special bonus the Japanese fans always make us the coolest gifts. A girl named Yuki once made us an incredible flip book of me riding on a rocket ship.

7:We guess that concert tour sometimes tough for your throat and voice.
Is there any special care or tool that you take care of your health?
Tim Nordwind:
We always do a forty-five minute vocal exercise before we play to warm up the voice. Warming up and keeping the voice in shape is the best way to combat vocal tiredness. Other than that trying to get plenty of sleep, not smoking too much not drinking too much is also very helpful for vocal health.

8:In your videos, e.g."Here It Goes Again", we fond that there is a lot of dancing & physical exercise footage.
Do you like dancing & sports? What kind of exercise do you usually do?
Tim Nordwind:
When I can get myself to do it, I enjoy exercising. Dancing is fun, but I don't do it much. Andy our guitarist, exercises almost everyday, and I really admire him for that. I don't know where he finds the energy. But yeah, Andy is strong!

9:Have you ever enjoyed Karaoke?Where?In Japan or in the States?What song did you sing?
Tim Nordwind:
Yes, Karaoke is fun. I've done it both in Japan and the States. I always use to do Take On Me by A-Ha. Lately I've gone a little more epic and do Turn Around Bright Eyes by Bonnie Tyler.

10:Do you have any exclusive (your own) stylist? What type of daily outfit do you like?
Tim Nordwind:
Style is really a day by day thing for me. I almost never want to wear the same thing for very long. Sometimes I want to wear a suit, other days jeans and a sweater. It really just depends. We pretty much do all our own styling. If things are really busy we have a few friends who help shop and style for us.

11:What is your favorite sound, tone? What is the sound that you do not like?
Why did you choose both? Please let us know the reasons simply.
Tim Nordwind:
There's something very pure and relaxing about the tone of a sine wave. I hate the sound of grinding teeth it drives me crazy!

12:What is "beautiful" for you? Is there any your own standard/level or symbol of beauty?
If so, why? Please explain simply.
Tim Nordwind:
Beauty is often quiet and hard to pin point. I love a clear sky at night when it seems like every star is out. I suppose beauty is when something makes me feel at peace with myself.

13:What is "silence" to you? What does it mean? Can you explain briefly, please?
Tim Nordwind:
Silence is reflection. When things are silent it seems all I am left with are my thoughts. It's not all that often that things are truly silent for me, but when they are I relish the moment.

14 :Please let us know your favorite way to relax. I mean, what do you do if you feel you are too tired and nervous? How do you like the way?
Tim Nordwind:
If I am tired or nervous I often try to be by my self and just take deep breaths until I calm down. Classical music often has a calming affect on me as well, so sometime I will try to lay down and listen to music.

15 : What kind of bird do you like? How come ?
Tim Nordwind:
Blue Jays are really beautiful birds and not all that common. I grew up in Michigan where I would see a lot of Blue Jays. They are unique in color, and seem like generally nice birds to be around. They just like to hang out on trees and mind their own business.

16 : What is your future plan?
Tim Nordwind:OKGO will be on tour all over the world this year and also making a ton of videos.

17 : Please write message to your Japanese fans, espacially girls.
Tim Nordwind:
Hello to our Japanese fans! We can't wait to play at Tokyo Unit in Tokyo. Please make us presents, we love present!!!!!See you soon. xo. OKGO.

(This email's interview is current as of February.2010)

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OK GO Profile:
OKGO, the mind-bending 4-piece band from Chicago since 1999, is the most-downloaded band ever. Their pop rock music influenced by new wave got critical acclaim and created an international phenomenon in 2005 with a super-hit tune "Here It Goes Again", which is the decade's most viewed music video and gave the band the 2007 GRAMMY(r) awards.Besides amazing music career, they has kept themselves busy with an assortment of activist endeavors - a testimony and performance in support of internet neutrality before a US Congressional Special Task Force, making a record accompanied only by trombones, a play, writing an essay, clothe-line modeling, charity for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. With the latest funk-edged psychedelic new album "Of The Blue Color Of The Sky", which is produced by ex-Mercury Rev member David Fridmann(Flaming Lips, MGMT), OKGO is ready for the one and only Tokyo show on Feb 26, 2010.
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